Travel Tips: Packing for France

Every time I stop by one of the train stations or airport in Paris, I see swarms of tourists struggling with their heavy, cumbersome suitcases, and the look of misery on their face speaks volumes.  Paris is packed with stairs, and since elevators and escalators are very rare (and usually out of order), you have to be prepared to haul anything you’ve got with you up and down an endless array of stairs.  Pickpockets and thieves specifically seek out these overburdened tourists, waiting until their hands are full or their attention is distracted to grab their purse, wallet, or passport and take off running.  Many hotels and most rental apartments don’t have elevators, and the ones they do have are usually so small they can barely fit a person, let alone a suitcase.  If you’re taking a train ride within Europe during your trip, you may not realize that trains have very limited space for luggage, sometimes only one or two spaces for fully-sized suitcases per carriage.  Discount airlines like RyanAir will charge extraordinary fees for checked bags, and they charge by the pound – currently the rate is $200 for a 50-pound suitcase.    If your trip includes a pedestrian city such as Venice or Bruges, you may be stuck hauling your bags down jittery cobble-stone alleyways for miles.

Honestly, loading yourself down with luggage can make your trip a complete nightmare.  I learned this the hard way on my first trip to Europe, and ever since then, I swore to myself that I would only ever bring a carry-on suitcase with me when traveling abroad from that point forward.  Many years and many many trips later, I’m happy to say that I have kept that promise, and I’m so much happier for it.  However, it’s definitely not easy.  Like any girl, my instinct is to bring at least five outfits for every day of my trip, and of course every scarf, necklace, and pair of shoes I own.  To help my fellow females out, I’ve created a guide to packing light that will get you through 2-3 weeks abroad without sacrificing style.

packing for france How to pack for Europe in a carry on suitcase only, by L'Amour de Paris travel planning blog

As you can tell, we’ve stuck with neutral toned items that all mix and match easily.  Leopard and chambray effectively act as neutrals, giving you a small pop of color while still keeping flexibility.

For blouses, you’ll need four items.  First, a classic chambray button-up.  If you don’t already have one, you can almost always find a great version at Old Navy or Target.  I recommend going with a medium to dark wash, which will come off trendier and more sophisticated than a light wash.  Second, a leopard print blouse.  I prefer a sheer version, as the solid options can sometimes come off cheesy or loud.  Go with long sleeves so that you can layer it under other pieces. Third, a white silk blouse.   I prefer silk henleys over button-ups because they can be both casual or dressy depending on how you accessorize them.  Finally, a Breton stripe shirt, sometimes also referred to as a “mariner” shirt.  These are hugely popular right now and are available virtually everywhere, including countless versions at Forever 21 and H&M.  Make sure to get one with 3/4 sleeves, so you can layer it with your other shirts, and for maximum flexibility go with a black/white stripe over the traditional blue/white.

For your classic black pieces, you’ll also need four items.  First, of course, your favorite little black dress.  If you’re like me, this will be the hardest packing decision you make.  To help make your decision easier, I recommend going with a dress that has either elbow or 3/4 length sleeves (to maximize elegance, for pairing with other items, and to keep you warm in chilly restaurants and museums) and has a skirt that is either tight or goes down to your knees (to avoid embarrassing situations on windy days).  Avoid casual fabrics like knits or fabrics that wrinkle easily such as satins.  Second, a well-fitting black blazer.  A blazer is a great piece for travel because it rarely wrinkles, it can do double-duty as a light jacket, and it instantly transforms any outfit into looking formal and sophisticated.  Go with 3/4 length sleeves, and bonus points if you can find one with unique accents like a leather lapel or a contrast trim.  Third, black pants or leggings.  Like the LBD, there are a lot of options to choose from here: parachute, tailored, stretchy, wide-leg, boyfriend, etc.  I love American Apparel winter leggings because they never wrinkle and they keep me nice and warm on cold days.  Ponte pants are always a travel favorite as well, as they never wrinkle and feel as comfortable as leggings with a much more elegant look (in fact in many stores they’re literally called “travel pants.”  I recommend packing two pairs of pants if the weather is on the cooler side. Finally, black shorts.  I prefer “flutter shorts” which are loose fitting because they have the dressiness and femininity of a skirt without having to worry about a gust of wind showing off your goodies.  If you’re not a fan of these, some nice leather or lace shorts will give you the same versatility and stylishness.  Opt for tailored, formal shorts rather than more casual denim or cotton options. Even if you’re traveling during the crisp fall or spring, black shorts paired with thick tights can be a very chic and still seasonally appropriate option.

If you’re planning to bring a jacket, you get ONE choice – and only one!  No exceptions!  During cold months, you’ll be wearing this jacket every single day, so make sure it’s durable, comfortable, stylish, and will fit with every outfit in your suitcase.  I recommend one of three options: a wool pea coat or wool wrap coat (during extra cold months, consider going with a hooded and/or longer-length version), a classic trench coat (best during transitional seasons like spring or autumn; versions with black contrast trim add an extra touch of sophistication and modernity), or a black puffer jacket (good for rainy, snowy, or very cold months – hooded and fur-lined are great, and make sure to choose one with a belt to avoid looking like a penguin).

For accessories, you’ve got two pairs of shoes and two scarves.  For shoes, go with a comfortable brown leather riding boot and a leopard print loafer with great support in the sole (I prefer pairs with bows or tassels on the toe to add a bit of character).  Make sure that both pairs are well worn in before leaving so you don’t end up with blister from stiff new leather.  For scarves, choose a lightweight leopard print scarf and a heavy cable-knit black infinity scarf.  This will give you options for both warmer and cooler climates and will match with every outfit you’ve got.

For your unmentionables, keep it simple.  One black tank top for layering, one black bra, one nude bra, one pack of underwear (the rule of thumb is one for every two days of travel but I always throw in a few extra), one or two pairs of boot socks, and one or two pairs of black tights.  Plan to wash your undergarments in the middle of your trip, so opt for quick-drying lace or cotton.  These are all available inexpensively and easily in France, so if you need more, you can always pick them up locally (and who doesn’t want some French lingerie?).

Things I purposely left out of my list:
1) Jeans.  Jeans take up lots of space in your suitcase, they take forever to dry after washing, and they’re synonymous with “tourist.”  Going with sleek pants or comfy leggings will keep you looking stylish and will serve you better as you travel. If you feel like you need a good pair of jeans, go for some black or colored skinnies in a dark shade like navy or maroon.
2) Tons of scarves.  France is the land of scarves, so it’s tempting to bring every option you have.  However, these little strips of fabric can very easily take up your entire carry-on if you let them.  Black and leopard will serve you well (if you’re not big on animal prints, go for a cognac brown or a subtle print in neutral colors), and it will also give you an excuse to pick up a few new French scarves while you’re in town 😉
3) Jewelry.  While jewelry is a great way to add your own twist to these outfits, don’t go overboard.  I recommend taking one statement necklace (a red, pale pink, or turquoise bubble necklace would be a good choice), one long pendant necklace, one dainty chain necklace, and a strand of pearls.  For earrings, I suggest three pairs of studs: diamond, gold, and pearl (add in a pair of gold hoops if you want).  Choose an inexpensive tortoise watch (gold ones are trendy but can attract attention from thieves), and leave the bracelets and rings at home (you’ll silently thank me every time you have to go through a metal detector at a museum or airport).
4) Heels.  If you are one of those girls who can rock heels for miles, even on gravel and grass and cobble-stone streets, I admire you.  However if you’re a mere mortal like I am, then just do yourself a favor and leave the heels at home.  Take them if you absolutely must, but I can pretty much promise you that you’ll regret it (and you’ll probably end up buying some flats ten minutes after you’ve left the hotel).  If you’re planning to spend a lot of time at fancy restaurants or events and you don’t think the loafers will cut it, opt for some black leather flats with good cushioning in the sole that you can also wear while sightseeing.

Honestly, loading yourself down with luggage can make your trip a complete nightmare.  I learned this the hard way on my first trip to Europe, and ever since then, I swore to myself that I would only ever bring a carry-on suitcase with me when traveling abroad from that point forward. How to pack for Europe in a carry on suitcase only, by L'Amour de Paris travel planning blog

To maximize your suitcase space, wear your biggest items on the plane: the Breton stripe shirt (if you’re willing to layer the chambray shirt under this, even better), black pants, boot socks, brown boots, black infinity scarf (it’ll double as a pillow on the plane!), and your jacket.  If you follow this plan, you’ll only have 6-7 items of clothing (plus underwear) and one pair of shoes in your suitcase.  This will leave tons of room for toiletries and electronics, and most importantly, room for souvenirs to take back home!  If you’re planning to do a lot of shopping, pack all your items inside a duffel bag and then pack that in your suitcase, along with an extra TSA-approved padlock.  On the way back home, you can put soft items such as clothes in the locked duffel bag and use that as checked luggage.

If you’re still feeling skeptical that these few items will get you through 2-3 weeks of travel, I’ve got good news for you.  I have put together a handful of potential outfits using only the items mentioned above.  Here we go!

How to pack for Europe in a carry on suitcase only, by L'Amour de Paris travel planning blog

These are just a few of your options.  You can pair blouses and bottoms, add and remove the blazer to all the outfits, layer blouses under OR on top of the dress, swap scarf and shoe options, or pair the leggings and shorts together to change up your look.

If you have room in your suitcase, here are a few additional options: cognac-colored pants, an extra dress (ivory, cognac, leopard print, navy, or maroon will all work well), a black or navy sweater, or leopard print skirt/shorts to further multiply your options.  Just remember to stick with formal pieces over casual ones, and keep everything in the same color family: neutrals, leopard, and chambray.  If you’re really into color, then maroon, navy, and blush pink can also complement this palette. Here are a few additional options you can throw in as well:

Always remember that worst case scenario, there is an H&M and Monoprix on every corner in Paris, and inexpensive clothing and shoes are very easy to find.

Hair appliances can also fill up your suitcase pretty quickly.  The good and bad news is that US hair appliances won’t work in France – even with plug or voltage converters, your blowdryers and curling irons will quickly fry here.  Heating appliances and dual voltage don’t mix!!  Instead of ruining your favorite Chi, consider no-heat curling methods suck as the sock bun or headband curl (see our how-to post on no heat hairstyling here), or pick up an inexpensive curling iron once you get into town (Monoprix and BHV will have plenty to choose from).  Almost all hotels and rental apartments will provide hair dryers for you, as well.  When I’m traveling abroad I rock a lot of fancy Pinterest-inspired braids – no heating appliances required, and my hair always looks adorable in photos!

So there you have it!  A full trip to Europe in one carry on suitcase.  Try out these tips next time you come abroad, and enjoy life with less.  You’ll be a happier traveler, guaranteed, and you may end up saving a lot of money in the process!

See also:  Packing for Paris – Warm weather guide and Packing for Paris – Accessories edition

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  • EdnaOh my goodness, you are a star for putting this together Stacy! Even after living in Paris so long I still have the worst fashion sense, so I never know what to tell people to bring when they come to visit — I’ll just send them this link from now on! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • ChristinaWow – this is an awesome post! A carry-on is SO much easier than checking and lugging around a big bag. Thanks for the outfit options!ReplyCancel

  • LaurenThis is a GREAT post Stacy! My ultimate goal is to never look like a tourist…so here’s my question. Is black still the main color of Parisian wardrobes? Let’s say I swapped out the black leggings for a pair of pink trousers or a royal blue pencil skirt for the shorts. Would I look like a tourist?

    Also, what brand is that sheer leopard blouse, my closet desperately needs it!ReplyCancel

    • stacyBlack is DEFINITELY the color of Parisians, at least for women. I contemplated throwing in a pair of colored skinnies or a peplum top for this guide, but I decided against it because doing so would definitely say “I am not from around here.” Not necessarily in a bad way, but it would draw attention to yourself, and in my opinion that is something that is better to avoid when you’re traveling abroad. Keep in mind most Parisians don’t have closets, so they have to fit everything they own into a small dresser or an IKEA wardrobe which is about a foot and a half wide. Because of this, French women don’t necessarily buy into every new fad that comes around like colored jeans, printed dresses, peplum tops or skirts, etc. They tend to stick to classic, well-made items that all go together, will last for years, and will never go out of fashion. That’s what I tried to stick to in my guide, as well. Unfortunately the leopard blouse in the photo is unavailable, but if you click on the ShopStyle link I included or if you just google “sheer leopard blouse” you should find tons of options! The one I own is a Michael Kors version from Dillard’s and I love it!ReplyCancel

  • AmyI will definitely be using this for our trip in September! Next you should do a guy one. Believe it or not my husband always overpacks!ReplyCancel

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  • LizHi Stacy. This is such helpful information to someone like me who has never been to Paris. I am coming in September this year. Would these clothes be appropriate for the temperature ten or would you change some items?ReplyCancel

    • stacyI’m going to be doing updated packing posts for each season (and some different color palettes, for those who don’t love black or leopard), but to answer your question quickly, you could use the same fundamentals of packing basic pieces in neutral colors that can be mixed and matched in various ways. Personally, when I travel during warmer months, I bring 4-5 dresses, a couple of cardigans, and two pairs of cute loafers or boat shoes. It takes up virtually no space (it leaves about 50% of my carryon empty for souvenirs!), and it’s super easy and comfortable.ReplyCancel

  • TaiStacy, I was so excited to find this post. I am a law student headed to France in May. I will be spending a week in Paris, a few days in Bordeaux, and three weeks in Arcachon, a beach resort town. However, May is still off season in Arcachon and it will be cold. Can you assist me in putting together a wardrobe to span the cold weather of May and the warm weather of June? I think much of what you recommend will still work but I would appreciate any advice. Also, would I look like a tourist if I wore gold flats or sandals? I don’t mean fancy ones, just the casual metallic.ReplyCancel

    • stacyGold flats and sandals will definitely work, particularly gladiator sandals which are very popular here. In general most footwear will work, with the exception of tennis shoes/sneakers which should be avoided like the plague. I really like dresses for transitional weather. On cool days, you can wear the dresses with a thick cardigan and leggings and boots. On warm days, you can do the dresses on their own with sandals or loafers. Just be careful about the fabrics – avoid anything that wrinkles easily or that veers too far into formal or casual. I like sheer chiffon or lace dresses with slips underneath, which can look formal when accessorized right but can also double as beach coverups when necessary.ReplyCancel

  • MichelleHi Stacy,

    I stumbled on your travel light page while doing some hotel research. Last night we booked a 4 day, end-of-July to Paris escape (I’m a Chicagoan living/wkg for 3 yrs now in southern Germany w/German hubbie…), so thought I better book a hotel pronto. Your outfits and tips are fantastic! A sheer leopard blouse is a great suggestion, and while easy to find, cute/stylish are not so easy to find. I love the style of the one you feature. Hope I can find smthg similar, though I never have luck with Shop Style. I really like the leopard blouse w/black shorts look (though I’d swap out the shoes for black loafers), and love the idea of the chambray shirt. July might be hot, but good tips that I’ll adapt. Have fun in Paris with your guy.ReplyCancel

    • stacyEnd of July is a great time to go! The city will be quieter (which is a good thing, trust me) as most Parisians set off for their annual August vacations. It can definitely get hot, so bring your swimsuit to lay out by the “beach” at Paris Plage or go out to Versailles or Bois de Boulogne and rent a rowboat with a crusty baguette and a chilled bottle of rosé. As for the leopard blouse, I shopped for nearly three months before I found one I liked, so I understand how difficult it can be. If you make a trip back to the US, try the bigger department stores like Dillard’s and Macy’s, I had much better luck there. A lot of the big department stores also allow online shopping as well. Victoria’s Secret currently has a light breezy short sleeved option that might be a better choice for summer –

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  • FrancesStacy, I stumbled upon your post on pinterest and instantly fell in love. It was just what I was looking for and the pairing of the items is amazing! I’m leaving for Paris in about two weeks and just wanted to ask you if this list would work for the weather you are acually experiencing or if it is warmer now. I can’t wait to start pulling out all of closet and finding the items on this list! You are my saviour!ReplyCancel

    • stacyYes, it’s definitely still accurate! Right now (mid-May) Paris is alternating between slightly chilly to slightly warm, so I would leave the heavy peacoat or puffer jacket at home and bring a light trench coat or a warm sweater. In general it’s pretty comfortable outside at all hours but if you get hot or cold easily, plan accordingly!ReplyCancel

  • Julia in Woodinville, WA, USAThis is simply brilliant (and not too unlike my wardrobe for my trip to London this last February. I have one question – why leopard? I just can’t ever seem to wear the animal print things. I buy them and they sit in my closet like animals in the zoo. Why do you feel leopard is a must have print? Would you recommend any alternative? Thanks for taking the time to write such a great post.ReplyCancel

    • stacyI like leopard because it’s currently VERY trendy and it works as a great neutral – you can pair it with almost any color. All solids is certainly easier but it can feel a bit boring for some people, so leopard helps to mix it up a bit. I have big reservations about other animal prints – you’re never going to find me in zebra, giraffe, cow, cheetah, etc – and even some leopard prints are too loud and cartoony for my tastes. However there are a lot of nice, subtle leopard pieces that are unusual enough to stand out while being sophisticated. If you don’t feel like that’s a trend you can get behind, find a different pattern or print that fits you. Consider a muted plaid (think Burberry), boucle, houndstooth, or if you’re more adventurous, stripes or polka dots. If you can’t do patterns at all, then pick an accent color (royal blue, pale pink, and neon pink are all trendy right now) and add in some colored pieces to mix with your standard black and whites. The point is to make sure everything you bring goes with everything else, so don’t go too over the top with anything.ReplyCancel

  • Kayla FThis is amazing! So wish I knew about it when I went on my honeymoon to Paris 5/5/13!:) Would love if you had something for guys!!! I did ok, but man oh man, I learned one of my new wifely duties is to pack (or at least create a list) for the hubs! 😀ReplyCancel

  • AllieI will be traveling to Paris in September, and I had no idea what to bring but I LOVE this! Everything you suggested is so cute and perfect. Do you think my feet will get sore in the flats, walking around all day? I’ll also be traveling to London, I’m assuming these cute combos would work there too? Any suggestions? Thank you!ReplyCancel

    • stacyYou definitely want to go with flats with some support. Clarks has some good ones, though I prefer to go with Ralph Lauren, Anne Klein, or Sperry’s one size up and then insert some really nice, thick insoles. Some CVS stores have the Dr. Scholl’s machine where you stand on a pad and they customize insoles to fit your feet – that’s what I have and they work great!ReplyCancel

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  • bWhat brand is the LBD?ReplyCancel

  • Miriam Sofia HernandezCongratulations, great tips. But, what is it now with the publishing companies, of using pastels colors on the letters. It is very hard to read. I have heard many complaints among my friends. What I mean is light pink letters against white background, or white letters against gray background or viceversa. Maybe it looks pretty but very very hard to read. Please, think about the people that need glasses. I cancelled my subscription to Martha Stewart Fine Living because of that.ReplyCancel

    • stacyHi Miriam, thanks for your suggestions, however I am not sure what you are referring to. The text on my site is all either a dark grey or mid-brown on a light background. If you’re having trouble seeing something specifically, please let me know and I will try to tweak it for you! You can also try using Command and + on a Mac or Control and + on a PC to make text larger on any website.ReplyCancel

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  • Anna BelleThis advice is great! I also recently posted about traveling to Italy with a similarly small set of items. I would say that leopard print is less common in Italy (I would go with simple cognac-colored flats).ReplyCancel

  • SaraHi, thank you for this list- I love it! Love the efficiency and the outfits created by the pieces.
    I especially love the elbow-length dress and flutter shorts. Are you able to tell me the brand/name of these items?ReplyCancel

    • stacyUnfortunately I don’t know the exact sources on those, I just Google Image Searched to find the right look I was going for. I do know that Banana Republic has a beautiful black ponte fit-and-flare dress right now that is great for layering! For the shorts, I’m not sure, but if you search “flutter shorts” or “bow shorts” on ShopStyle you may find some other options.ReplyCancel

  • LisaThis site is so lovely and helpful, thank you!! I’m heading to Paris in just a few weeks(May) and this has helped relieve my stress immensely. Love your taste and your experience is invaluable. Instead of leopard I’m mixing in a couple of coordinating colors. The accessory guide about what travel tips to bring – umbrella, no blowdryer, check credit cards and copies of passport etc = awesome. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • NicoleI know this is an old post, but I’m slightly obsessed with the pea coat you’ve shown. Any idea where to find it?ReplyCancel

    • stacyNo, I’m sorry, I think it’s old and discontinued!ReplyCancel

  • DarcieI just packed my bag for two weeks in France. It was especially challenging because the first week is in Paris, and our second week is traveling to Aix en Provence, Nice, and Corsica. I think four blouses, a skirt, dark wash jeans, a blazer, trench, dress, two swimsuits, and underthings will get me through it in style! I had to bring three pairs of shoes… Boots, flats, and sandals. Can’t help myself! I packed my husband’s bag based on this post, too, and he was very happy with it, too! Thank you for this post! So helpful!!! I can’t believe I have room in my bag. It’s unbelievable.ReplyCancel

  • jenI love your tips. What would you suggest wearing in early May in Paris?ReplyCancel

    • stacyMay is very tough. My first year in Paris it was snowing in May! The next year it was warm and sunny and perfect. So you really have to scope out the weather right before you pack to know what to plan for! I would suggest planning for warm weather, but bringing some light layers just in case. Bring some leggings or tights to wear under dresses or skirts, and bring a light sweater or jacket you can wear if it gets chilly.ReplyCancel

  • SandraHi Stacy. We are going to Provence in late September for a week and then to Paris for a few days. How do I pack. Provence could be warm or hot, and Paris warm to cool.
    I have been stressing over this a lot and so happy to find your site.. I have the black white theme down. Can I wear white jeans in Provence in September? thank you for our help.ReplyCancel

    • stacyYes, white jeans are good year round in my opinion! In Paris at least 🙂 Provence in September should still be fairly warm, but bring some pants and a light sweater just in case of an unexpected cold front.ReplyCancel

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  • BrookleyHi Stacy:) Thanks for this info!! I am loving your blog! I stumbled across your page when looking at April’s from A Liz Adventures. I remembered seeing her photos last year that you did which I loved! I just booked my hubby and I our 1st trip to Paris in October for our 2nd anny! SO Excited!! Being a Southern girl, I wear lots of color! I will have to work on my neutral attire for this trip. Just curious if anything stands out as a must for this Fall!!:) Is animal print and chambray still recommended? Thanks so much for your help!! BrookeReplyCancel

    • stacyWhen I got here I totally had the mindset of “I am a Southern girl and I am bringing color to Paris!” but unfortunately I did learn pretty quickly that it made me stand out in bad ways. I found myself constantly harassed by street vendors, pickpockets, salesmen, etc because I looked like an obvious tourist. If you want to bring color, I suggest you do it in subtle ways with accessories – through funky necklaces, fabulous scarves, or bright shoes. I haven’t noticed any new trends in particular, but if I do I’ll post a new packing guide with updated advice!ReplyCancel

  • {lovely links} veggie toastadas, mousepad diy & more - provinzkindchen testprovinzkindchen test[…] bald gehts auf Kurzurlaub und ich hab nur das Handgepäck für all meine Sachen. Zum Glück gibts hier einige schlaue Tipps wie man süße Outfits sparsam packen […]ReplyCancel

  • CassieHello, thanks for this wonderfully helpful post! I’m heading to Paris soon for the first time! Where is that gorgeous trench coat with the black trim from??ReplyCancel

    • stacyI’ve seen lots of versions of that jacket. I believe I got mine at Kate Spade, and I know I’ve seen one at Target. Try searching “contrast trim trench coat” and you should find lots of options!ReplyCancel

  • BeatrizThank you so much for this… Im going to Paris and London nest month and didnt want to take a big suitcase full of clothes that in the end I dont get to use all… I have already bought the itens listed above that I didnt have and I am taking exactly what you said… 🙂 I hope we all go on different time… otherwaise everyone will be dressed alike 😀ReplyCancel

  • RosieThis is a really great and thoughtful guide, love that you’ve taken this blog post a step further by providing outfit examples than merely putting a packing list together. And of course, love the leopard print! Can’t wait to share in my links to love post.ReplyCancel

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  • Nelsida RosinaHello Stacy, I stumbled upon your website while searching on how to pack for Paris in October. I have run across numerous guides but none as complete and thorough as yours. I already had some of the pieces you had suggested. However, the predicament I face is that I will be in Dubai for five days and seven days in Paris. Dubai is hot in October and not the best time to wear lots of black pieces. While I will only carry one suitcase, I plan on following your guide, but I do need a couple of jeans for Dubai. Will Cobalt blue jeans work in Paris or would I be identified as a tourist? Also, my husband is considering placing a small lock on his camera bag to protect his lenses from pickpocketing. Would that approach target us more as tourists? Thank you in advance!ReplyCancel

  • MelissaThis is amazing!this post is a couple years old yet the clothing is timeless. I am going to France next weekend and I packed almost this exact list of clothing. I’m so excited! Thanks for sharing 🙂ReplyCancel

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  • Jessy MontealegreYou are amazing…your site in pinterest is very informative, very well explain and the cloth options/ideas are very helpful. Keep it up.ReplyCancel

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