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Paris Photoshoot

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We are so excited to welcome Kevin back to the L'amour de Paris team for a second season together! He's a friendly Irish fella, and he has been the best inclusion on our team this past year. You can expect his style and session experience to align with what you've come to expect from L'amour de Paris. Having Kevin on the team allows us to have more openings to accommodate your session, as well as broadens our pricing. We understand that everyone has their own budget and priorities for travel, so we hope you'll find something that fits your preferences. We look forward to welcoming you in Paris soon!

LDP associate individuals or couples


30 Minutes / 1 Location / 15 files 250€

1 Hour /1-2 Locations / 25 files 425€

1.5 Hours / 2 locations / 35 files 550€

2 Hours / 2-3 Locations / 60 files 675€


LDP associate families


30 Minutes / 1 Location / 15 files 275€

1 Hour /1-2 Locations / 25 files 445€

1.5 Hours / 2 locations / 35 files 570€

2 Hours / 2-3 Locations / 60 files 700€

Session Pricing is based upon time, locations, and number of high resolution files included.

Number of Locations vary according to session logistics. Our office manager will help you form the best plan.

We always deliver more images in your final gallery so that you may select your favorites.

And there is always the option to purchase the full gallery.

There will be great deals on your full gallery of downloads the first 5 days your gallery is LIVE!

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At L'amour de Paris, we redefine the portrait experience in Paris. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering not just stunning photographs but a comprehensive and magical journey for our clients.

Firstly, we understand that the key to capturing exceptional moments is allowing our photographers to focus solely on their craft. Our dedicated office manager, operating on US hours, takes care of the logistical aspects, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients from start to finish.

To further elevate the enchantment, we've curated a distinctive retouching style known as the 'Disney Effect.' This unique approach ensures that every image reflects the magic of the moment, with meticulous attention to detail. Our clients receive galleries that go beyond mere photographs; they receive a visual narrative crafted with care and creativity. Our boutique retouching specialist ensures your images are looking their best and are ready to download upon first view. We also offer enhanced retouching options for that extra "nip and tuck"to feel at your absolute best.

Our commitment extends beyond the camera lens. We believe in curating an unforgettable experience for our clients, offering Paris tips to make their stay even more extraordinary. Additionally, we go the extra mile by assisting in booking other vendors for elements like balloons, hair & makeup, transportation, and more.

At L'amour de Paris, we aren't simply a portrait studio; we are architects of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. We strive to transform a simple photoshoot into a bucket-list adventure, providing memories that will be treasured forever. The best Paris souvenir if you ask us! From the moment you step in front of our lens to the day you receive your fully retouched gallery, our goal is to make every aspect of your experience as magical as the City of Light itself."

Photos are a return ticket to a cherished moment in time.

Photo of CheyAnne & Doug
by Associate Photographer Kevin
Photos are a return ticket to a cherished moment in time.

Photo of CheyAnne & Doug
by Associate Photographer Kevin

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We're looking forward to your arrival in Paris and helping make your Paris experience a memorable one that you will cherish forever. We'd love to help you round out your Paris plans with your own customizable Paris photo session. It will be the most treasured souvenir when your trip is complete!

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