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Puja and Bhavin had quite the adventure for their Paris maternity photos. They both have an avid love for travel which is how they ended up here in March of 2020. Covid 19 was just starting to become a reality to everyone in the U.S. and France. Puja considered cancelling their London/Paris trip, but it was a long weekend type trip for them, and they ultimately decided to keep their Babymoon plans intact.

I was thankful they were able to make it happen, and since they are both pharmacists from New Jersey, I think their presence actually made me calmer at the time because we didn’t really know where things were headed at that point. Now normally in our Paris realm, I try to keep things all puppies and rainbows, I mean, it is Paris after all, but sadly Puja and Bhavin also experienced a bit of a scuffle just a few moments before I arrived for our session. Bhavin had his phone stolen. Because Trocadero was so empty due to travel already beginning to come to a halt, they apparently looked like an easy target. For the most part, things like this don’t happen, but it is why we say not to bring too many bags, etc to the shoot, because even when there are more people around, sometimes a bag can sneak away all to easily.

So…I felt horrible for them that they had to experience this moments before our session was to start. Bhavin had attempted to chase after the person and ended up wet and muddy. Somehow, this beautiful, courageous couple was able to rise above this unfortunate start. Puja was able to clean Bhavin up, and then we proceeded as normal. I was determined to help them shake it off, make them laugh, and help them enjoy their time in Paris, which was only about 24 hours. They had specifically traveled here for their Paris maternity photos! I think together we were successful with the mission at hand. We all laughed, and they were super cute and adorable, so getting great photos wasn’t difficult.

I think they should be expecting their little one any day now, and we are sending love and well wishes for their family. I thank you both for your trust in L’amour de Paris to capture your Paris maternity photos. I do hope that you’re able to visit Paris again with the bébé and we can capture you as a family of three next time! 😀 (And we will hope for a slightly less adventurous trip!) Big Bisous! xoxo

maternity photos at eiffel tower with yellow dress and blue suit
paris maternity photos at the louvre - 01
paris maternity photographer
paris maternity photos at the louvre in yellow dress and blue suit
paris maternity photos at pont alexandre
paris maternity photos at the louvre
paris maternity photos by carousel
paris maternity photos at trocadero with yellow dress and blue suit
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