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A Paris proposal is a dream come true straight out of a movie! Little girls dream of being whisked away to Paris by the love of their life, and a proposal unfolding by the Eiffel Tower, or anywhere in the City of Love for that matter, would be perfection!

So, has your significant other been dreaming of this for a long time too? Or maybe you yourself have always imagined popping the question in Paris. Either way, we’re here to help you pull off the perfect Paris proposal.

Our biggest tip, when possible, is to plan for as early in the morning as possible. The tourists get out early, so the earlier you can be out (think sunrise) the better your chances for having privacy and setting yourself up for success with any logistics.

We sometimes have proposals take place under the guise of a photoshoot, and the question gets popped halfway through the session. We usually recommend a shorter session for the actual proposal, and then often recommend returning the next day for the rest of your photos so that your significant other can prepare themselves with their outfit etc for the photos.

We often approach the Paris proposal paparazzi style as well. We’ll work closely with you to come up with a plan — location, timing, direction you should face when dropping to one knee, everything!

Whatever it is you have in your mind, we can help it come to life! We also work with great vendors that can help provide something extra if you wish. For instance a huge heart, shaped by a gazillion red roses by the Eiffel Tower for you to walk up and kneel in the center of to make your Paris proposal in style. Or maybe you picture a violinist playing as you pop the question, or a picnic set up afterwards to celebrate…we can help!

We’d love to talk with you today about your plans! Please reach out via email or instagram and we’ll talk soon! Keep in mind, we are also wedding photographers too, so we could be on your entire wedding journey with you if you’ll have us! (For more of our wedding portfolio, please check out our sister site

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