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Paris in Autumn

Paris in the fall is a sight to behold.. Brilliant fiery colors from the foliage, glowing afternoon light, Parisians lounging in park chairs soaking up the last bit of warmth before the cold blue of winter settles in, the gravel pathways littered with falling leaves.  It’s a quiet period in Paris, in between the big August […]

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Rue Cremieux

Called the “Notting Hill of Paris,” Rue Cremieux is a tiny little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Parisian streets that surround it.  Gone are the Haussmannian facades and the endless rows of cards, instead replaced by home after quaint, colorful home.  The street is pedestrian only, which conveniently makes for perfect photos, […]

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Paris’ Prettiest Cafe

Ah, Le Nemours.  Paris’ prettiest cafe, conveniently located just beside the Louvre, guarding the pathways and gardens of the Palais Royal.  In the summer this place is packed with tourists and locals alike, both on the stunning column-lined terrace and in the equally beautiful and quintessentially French interior.  I was dubious about the quality of […]

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Lovers in Paris

The great thing about the French is that they don’t see passion and love as something that has to be kept private, and they happily and proudly put their passion on display anywhere life takes them.  It’s beautiful and inspiring to watch, and it’s quite contagious.  Being in Paris just makes you want to pull […]

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Paris Pastels

I love the pastel color palette of Paris on a sunny day.  Light yellows, soft greens, baby blues, antique browns, and weathered ivories.  I call them “map colors” and that palette inspired the design of this website and my entire brand.  It’s so calming, peaceful, and beautiful.

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