Laduree Macarons

Laduree macaroon shop on the Champs Elysees in Paris

If you are familiar at all with French macarons, you’ve certainly heard of the world famous Laduree bakery.  The Champs Elysees boutique is the home of the macaron, where it was invented in its current form in 1930.  Since then Laduree has opened satellite boutiques all over the world, selling over 15,000 macarons a day.  Although there are a number of delicious macaron makers in Paris (in fact, you can find them in almost any patisserie), it’s hard to beat a fresh Laduree macaron straight from the oven.  The gorgeous gilded interior of the Champs Elysees boutique adds to the charm, although the line for the counter is often stretched all the way out the door.  Although it is expensive, consider taking a meal in the equally beautiful Laduree restaurant next door.  The food gets great reviews, and the macarons served to diners are the freshest.
Laduree macaroon shop on the Champs Elysees in Paris

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