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Paris in Autumn

Autumn in Paris

Paris in the fall is a sight to behold.. Brilliant fiery colors from the foliage, glowing afternoon light, Parisians lounging in park chairs soaking up the last bit of warmth before the cold blue of winter settles in, the gravel pathways littered with falling leaves.  It’s a quiet period in Paris, in between the big August and December vacation seasons, with most locals spending afternoons and weekends strolling outside with friends.  I just love wandering the crisp, sunny city and enjoying this beautiful season.

Autumn in ParisAutumn in ParisAutumn in ParisAutumn in ParisAutumn in ParisAutumn in Paris

Beth - Gorgeous! I love the hazy, dreamlike presentation of these photos. I’ve only been to Paris in the summer, and will be back next spring, but your photos make me want to visit in the fall as well. Lovely work!

Buying French Lingerie in the US

I have had such a huge reaction to my post about buying French lingerie in Paris, but so many of you sent me messages asking me if it’s possible to buy some beautiful French pieces in the US.  Good news ladies – it is!  Most European brands do have distributors in the States.  Unfortunately, the selection isn’t quite as dramatic as the variety you’ll find in their Paris boutiques, but I have culled some of my very favorite looks from my very favorite brands that you can purchase below.  Most items are priced below $200, but I couldn’t help throwing in a few luxury pieces as well!  Get to shopping girls!

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Instagram – February

If you’re not following us on Instagram, you’re definitely missing out.  I’ve committed to posting 365 photos this year, and although I had a two week dry spell while battling pneumonia (not fun), I’m making up for it by posting two-a-days in the meantime.  Sign up now for your daily dose of Paris!

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Lingerie Shopping in Paris

French lingerie is one of Paris’ greatest gifts to the world.  French women are known for being confident, impossibly chic, and sexy at any age, and I have to believe that at least a little of that is brought on by the gorgeous garments they wear beneath their designer duds.  Wherever you go in Paris, you’ll find a wealth of options at every price range, so going out for some negligee shopping can be a bit overwhelming.  Hopefully this guide can help you narrow down your focus to a handful of brands – and inspire you to bring home some sexy souvenirs on your next trip.


Agent Provacateur – One of the most famous lingerie brands in the world.  Also one of the raciest – their naughty line will get anyone’s heart racing.  Although they do have some affordable underwear sets, their lingerie tends to be on the pricey end.  They also have incredible swimwear.  Their work is impeccable, and I guarantee you that if you wander into their boutique, you’ll fall in love with something that you absolutely have to have.  You’ve been warned.
La Perla – Not a French line but worth mentioning regardless, La Perla is another of the top brands in the world and they have a heavy presence in French department stores.  Their work is sleek and fashion-forward, often looking like it belongs as much on the runway as in the bedroom.  I could spend hours flipping through their sexy lookbooks.
Louise Feuillere – If you want something truly unique, this is the best (and most fun) choice.  Madame Feuillere does lingerie sur mesure, meaning her pieces are custom made to fit your body.  Stop by her workshop to see her pre-made pieces and get inspired, then work together with her to design something personalized to your taste.

Chantal Thomass – One of my favorites, Thomass’ designs are feminine and romantic while still being seductive.  I love her super-soft tulle Capricieuse line for a sweet look, and her lacy Coup de Foudre line for something a bit racier.  It’s worth stopping in to a Chantal Thomass boutique for the atmosphere alone, not to mention all the pretty eye candy.
Simone Perele – Glamorous, sexy, and well-made – everything you expect French lingerie to be.

H&M – Though technically not French, H&M actually offers a lot of beautiful pieces in their French stores at a very reasonable price.
Etam – One of the better-known French lingerie stores, with boutiques on every major shopping street.
Princesse Tam Tam – Another one of my favorites.  Great pieces at great prices, with tons of stores throughout the city.

There are countless other options – EresChantelleLaure SokolAubadeCadolle, and Carine Gilson to name a few.  You can peruse them all together by shopping online at Dessus Dessous, but I strongly recommend scheduling an afternoon for the lingerie floor at Galeries Lafayette where you’ll find the brands listed above and a whole lot more.

If you’re really in the mood to invest in some beautiful pieces, consider a private lingerie shopping tour.  You can set one up with Galeries Lafayette’s VIP concierge service (minimum purchase required), or you can go with a shopping organizer such as Paris Lingerie Tours.

Buying French Lingerie in the US » L'Amour de Paris || Romantic Parisian Portraits in the City of Love - […] have had such a huge reaction to my post about buying French lingerie in Paris, but so many of you sent me messages asking me if it’s possible to buy some beautiful French […]

Carol Combs - Great collection and good suggestion for lingerie and their store.

Best of 2014

Paris portrait and wedding photography

2014 was a year I could never in my wildest dreams have anticipated.. I still remember being back home in the US, dreaming about what life could be like living in Paris, shooting portraits and weddings alongside the Eiffel Tower.  It seemed so exotic and far away, something I could never realistically obtain. And now here I am, doing what I love every day, in the most beautiful city on Earth.  This year I’ve photographed more portraits, marriages, elopements, and proposals than I can count for clients all over the world, including South Africa, Ethiopia, Ireland, Russia, South Korea, China, Australia, Canada, Brazil, the UK, the US, and of course France!  It feels like I’ve taken more photos of the Eiffel Tower than any person on Earth!

Unfortunately I couldn’t possibly blog every session (I would literally never ever sleep if I tried to do that!), but as a thank you to all of the wonderful people who trusted me with their wedding and portrait photography this year, I’ve compiled a photo from each individual session.  Click the link below to see some of my favorite images from 2014!

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alexbee - SO so so so amazing!! I want to see every photo up close!!

Erin Hellstrom - Absolutely phenomenal Stacy!! Tres tres jolie!!

Marissa C - Adore your work and hope to make it to Paris one day with my husband for a mini session!