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City Snapshot: Snow at the Louvre

Beautiful photos of snow at the Louvre in Paris

Snow in Paris isn’t terribly uncommon, but a thick snowstorm that blankets the entire city is, so when it happened last week I know I had to take advantage of it.  I slipped out into the city at midnight to capture some shots of a snowy, quiet Parisian night.  The winters here can be harsh sometimes, but moments like this make the cold easy to take!
Beautiful photos of snow at the Louvre in Paris

Christmas at the Hotel de Ville

Information for lovers in Paris on the guided tour and ice skating rink at Hotel de Ville in Paris

Hotel de Ville houses the administration of the city of Paris, but it also serves as a festive city square during the holiday season.  There’s a beautiful double-decker carousel, a large skating rink (with a big section for adults and a smaller section for kids), twinkling light displays, food and drink vendors, and Top 40 American music pumped out into the square.  Unlike most holiday displays, which shut down January 5, this one continues throughout the winter season, so if the chilly Paris winter has you longing for Christmas again, grab a pair of ice skates and a cup of vin chaud and enjoy yourself!

Information for lovers in Paris on the guided tour and ice skating rink at Hotel de Ville in Paris

Hotel de Ville is as beautiful inside as it is out, but it’s only available by free guided tours once a week.  If this is your first visit to Paris, you may not have time to fit it in, but if you’re a regular to the City of Lights then stop by and visit a side of the city that most never see.  You can schedule a tour by phone at 01 42 76 50 49 or at the Hôtel de Ville’s Salon d’Accueil on 29 rue de Rivoli.


Sneak Peek: Abby & Zach

Romantic portrait session of Abigail Wilder Boatwright and Zach Boatwright in snow covered Paris near the Eiffel Tower by Paris wedding photographer Stacy Reeves for L

Abby and Zach are two of my dearest friends, and they are largely responsible for my life here in Paris.  Three years ago they invited me to Paris to photograph a romantic Day After portrait session during their honeymoon, and while I was here, my then-boyfriend surprised me with a proposal.  It was the most romantic, wonderful day of my life, and on the anniversary of that day, Abby and Zach returned to Paris for one more portrait session.  This time, it was magical for a different reason.  The night before the session, a huge snowstorm blew through the city, leaving everything draped in white.  We decided to start the session before sunrise so that we could capture images of the snow-covered city before it could melt or get disrupted by tourists, and it paid off in a big way.  Their images are truly once-in-a-lifetime portraits.  Here is one of my favorites from their session!

Stephanie - Abby! Y’all look so gorgeous! This photo is incredible! Great job, Stacy!

Christmas at the Galeries Lafayette

Swarovski Christmas tree in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris France, by Parisian photographer Stacy Reeves

The Christmas spirit is alive and well at the Galeries Lafayette, Paris’ most lavish department store.  This already gorgeous structure (five floors of designer goods circling a gilded open atrium capped with a stained glass dome) is even more breathtaking during the holidays, not only for the massive Swarovski crystal Christmas tree suspended from the roof, but also for the body-to-body swarms of tourists standing on the ground floor and gazing up at the accompanying light show.  This display is definitely worth seeing, but I recommending doing so in the morning hours, as the afternoon and evening congestion can quickly get overwhelming.

Louis Vuitton window displays at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris

Be sure to visit the equally fabulous department store Printemps while you’re in the area, as well!  The window displays at Lafayette and Printemps are huge events designed by the major fashion houses, complete with star-studded opening nights where the citizens of Paris line the streets to catch the first glimpse.  They are fabulous and worth braving the crowds for!  This year’s displays at Lafayette are sponsored by Louis Vuitton, and though they may be popular with the children, it’s the adult women who truly enjoy them the most!

Christmas at the Galeries Lafayette

Don’t forget to grab a cut of hot chocolate at Angelina’s on Floor 1 while you’re there, and stop by the rooftop deck on Floor 7 to catch a beautiful view of the city.  If you’re hungry, try the organic restaurant on Floor 3, or take the skybridge over to the men’s store Lafayette Homme and visit gastronomic cafe Chêne Vert.  The Galeries Lafayette and its sister stores (Lafayette Homme for men and Lafayette Maison for home and kitchen) are great places to shop for designer handbags, jewelry, shoes, and clothes as well as unique souvenirs. Even if you don’t feel like a shopping spree, it’s worth checking out this Parisian icon!

City Snapshot: Dusk at Christmas

Romantic photo of glowing windows during sunset in Paris

Sunset in Paris is a magical time, but to be honest, I much prefer dusk.  Parisians all over the city are getting off work and stopping in for a quick drink at their neighborhood brasserie.  The sky is a dusky purple-blue and the buildings are illuminated from within as lights are turned on and fireplaces are lit.  The thousands of lights along bridges and buildings that Paris is so famous for are starting to flicker on, but the city is still illuminated by the last remnants of sunlight.  For me, this is when the city is at its most beautiful.