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Paris Portrait Locations

Below is a list of common locations that we enjoy photographing at and some useful information for each spot.  If you’re interested in shooting at a location not on this list, or if you would like more information about a particular location, let us know!

A few things to keep in mind:  Because of construction, events, crowds, or other factors, not all locations are available at all times, so it’s good to have an alternate location in mind just in case.  Not every photo that you see in the examples below will be recreated if you choose that location, so if you have your heart set on a specific pose or shot, please let us know beforehand.  Some photos are heavily dependent on available light or weather conditions, so it may be impossible to recreate them.

Eiffel Tower
This is of course the most popular spot, and since it’s so huge and visible from so many places, you can actually get a little bit of privacy here, which is rare for tourist attractions.  There are four main locations to choose from around the Eiffel Tower:

Trocadero (primary location for Mini Sessions)
This is the location for Eiffel Tower Mini Sessions, as well as the location for the bonus 10 minutes at the Eiffel Tower, if you choose to use that.  Offers the best views of the Eiffel Tower, both close up and far away.
Photographs well year-round.

Pont Bir Hakeim
This bridge was made famous by the movie Inception, and has steel beams and vintage lamps all the way down, as well as a large stone archway in the center.  There is also a small landing in the center of the bridge with pretty views of the water and the Eiffel Tower.  This location is mostly covered so it’s a good option for rainy days.  Can occasionally be used for Mini Sessions depending on scheduling availability – ask for details.
Photographs well year-round.

Base of the Eiffel Tower/jogging path
This is one of my favorite locations to shoot!  It is hidden behind a carousel so it is very quiet and intimate, but offers spectacular views of the tower.  During warmer months there are cherry blossoms, roses, and other flowers blooming in this area.  Lovely spot for a picnic!  Also offers beautiful architectural views and a pretty area down by the river.
Photographs well year-round.

Champ de Mars
This is my least favorite option for the Eiffel Tower due to sun placement and prevalence of crowds.  However it does offer nice green space with French architecture in the background, and there is a great private spot for a small wedding ceremony.
Photographs best late Spring through early Fall.

Palais Galliera
Newly re-opened fashion museum.  Many areas are covered so this is a good option on rainy mornings.  Beautiful architecture, stately columns, a gorgeous iron gate, and some pretty green space.  This is located very close to Trocadero (Mini Session location) so it is a good option for short sessions.
Photographs well year-round.

This is another one of my favorite areas.  The building itself is so gorgeous, and the big glass pyramids in the courtyard are instantly recognizable as a Paris landmark. Lots of beautiful arches, columns, buildings, benches, lampposts – all those things you associate with Paris.  The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays, so the crowds around the area are much lighter on those days and perfect for shooting.  Very close to Palais Royal and Tuileries.
Photographs well year-round.  Best on Tuesdays.

Palais Royal

Newly reopened after construction, this area is best known for its art installation with black and white striped columns.  There are long passageways lined with arches and columns surrounding a central courtyard with long rows of trees and a pretty fountain.  Since this area is mostly covered, it can be a good alternate location in case of rain.  Very close to the Louvre.
Photographs well year-round, except for the gardens which look best during warmer months.

Tuileries Gardens
Present in many old paintings and movies about Paris, this park is famous for the green lawn chairs scattered throughout the trees and around the several large fountains.  Lovely green spaces with visible French architecture.  There is a smaller replica of the Arc de Triomphe at one end of the gardens.  During the summer months there is a carnival and ferris wheel nearby.  Located near the Louvre and Palais Royal.
Photographs best late Spring through early Fall.

Notre Dame
We’ll avoid the crowd-packed front of the cathedral and focus on the back side of the church which has a lovely garden.  Plenty of greenery and a great view of the gothic architecture.  There’s also a lock bridge here which is a good alternative to the now-defunct Pont des Arts.  See the “Ile de la Cite” section below for examples of the surrounding area.
Photographs best late Spring through early Fall.

Ile-de-la-Cité/Place Dauphine

One of the two small islands on the Seine River, this is a fantastic spot for relaxed, candid images that evoke a Parisian feel.  Great views of the Seine, pretty doorways, car-free streets, quaint parks, and adorable cafes.  Located very close to Notre Dame.
Photographs well year-round.

Pont Alexandre III

The most beautiful bridge in Paris.  Huge wrought iron lampposts along each side, massive pillars with golden statues at each end, and a gorgeous view of the Seine as well as the Eiffel Tower.   There is also a beautiful stone staircase and archway underneath the bridge that allows you to access the riverbank.  Not located near any major landmark, but there is a convenient bus (using Metro tickets or 2€ coins) that runs from the Eiffel Tower to this bridge and continues on to the Tuileries and the Louvre.
Photographs well year-round.

Basically a huge hill, famous for the beautiful Sacre Coeur church at the top, the Place du Tertre which is a small square surrounded by local artisans drawing and painting and sculpting all day, the long winding staircases and steep boutique-lined streets leading down the hill, and of course one of the best views of the city.  Almost always packed with people, but there is a great lively atmosphere here and the cityscape from the top of the hill is amazing.  Tons of great cafes, street musicians, and artists.  If you want to get “real Paris” kind of shots, in my opinion this is the best choice.  Far from the other locations, so plan for a moderate cab ride (~15 minutes, 20€) if you wish to combine with other spots.
Photographs well year-round.

Rue Cremieux
Very un-Paris-like indeed!  A car-free street lined with brightly colored houses with unique decor.  Very reminiscent of London’s Notting Hill.  A great option for those who want to mix in some color.  Located far from other locations so plan for a moderate cab ride (~15 minutes, 20€)
Photographs well year-round.

Parisian Cafes
Not a specific location, as it can be combined with almost every location listed above, but a great addition to any session.  We can stop to grab a coffee, glass of wine, macaron, or croissant.  If you wish to do an outfit change, planning for a cafe stop is a necessity so that you can use the facilities.  You must purchase something to shoot at a cafe, and you will need to stay for at least 15-20 minutes to place your order, shoot, and pay, so plan accordingly.  Great option for rainy days.  One of my favorite cafes is the famous Le Nemours, located near the Louvre and Palais Royal, though there are great options virtually everywhere.
Photographs well year-round.


Huge chateau and gardens outside the city.  Requires an hour-long ride on the RER train or an expensive cab fare.  Not necessarily “Paris” photos but they do evoke that French style and beauty.  The gardens are absolutely incredible and go on for miles, and you can rent bikes and rowboats here as well.  Almost impossible to get photos inside the chateau, but sometimes you can get photos at Marie Antoinette’s home in the gardens, which is really lovely.  May incur an additional fee for travel and entrance tickets.
Best photographed late Spring through early Fall

Miscellaneous Street Candids

Many clients wish to simply wander the streets of Paris, taking candid photos as they go.  This is a great choice for a more relaxed, unplanned feeling.  However due to construction and traffic, it can sometimes be hit or miss.   If this sounds up your alley, see the Ile-de-la-Cite/Place Dauphine section above.  There are also good neighborhoods near the Champ de Mars, Pont Bir Hakeim, and Palais Royal.  We can also add in photos on the Metro, near the Seine, and riding a bicycle to almost any session.
Photographs well year-round.


Not Recommended
Champs Elysees/Arc de Triomphe – This area is almost always packed with people and cars, and it’s difficult to get that sense of “We have Paris all to ourselves” that you see in the rest of our images.  It’s also not an area that photographs nicely because it is surrounded by very modern and un-Paris-looking American retail chains.  If you want a look similar to the Arc de Triomphe, there is a smaller but almost identical arch in between the Louvre and the Tuileries that photographs beautifully.
Jardin du Luxembourg – This garden is more spread-out and less manicured than other garden options, so I find that it doesn’t photograph with the same Paris charm that you get in other places.  I prefer the layout and convenient location of the Tuileries.
Pont des Arts “Love Lock Bridge” – Although this was one of our most popular locations, it’s now permanently defunct.  If you wish to leave a lock on a bridge, an option is available near Notre Dame on Pont de l’Archeveche (see Notre Dame section above)

For a one-hour session, you will need to choose 1-2 locations.  For a two hour session, you would need to pick 2-3 locations.  For a three hour session, you would need to pick 3-4 locations, and so on.  Even though some locations are close to each other, travel time adds up quickly and can eat up a lot of the session if you try to do too much stuff in too little time.  Plan for at least 15-20 minutes in between each location (travel time is included in your session time, so the fewer locations you choose, the more photos you’ll get).  If you only want a couple of good photos of the Eiffel Tower and the rest of the session elsewhere, we do offer a complimentary 10 minutes at Trocadero.  This offer can not be used when your other locations include Champ de Mars, Pont Bir Hakeim, or the base of the Eiffel Tower.  You must request this at the time of booking so that we may plan for the extra time in our schedule.

Here are a few suggested itineraries:

For those who want to hit all the major Paris landmarks:
Start at the jogging path towards the base of the Eiffel Tower for some close-up images with greenery, then take a short walk to Pont Bir Hakeim for some far-away views with more architecture.  Go on to the Louvre to get the glass pyramids and the grand sweeping buildings, then finish at the love lock bridge near Notre Dame Cathedral.  Requires at least three hours.  Add in Pont Alexandre III for a fourth hour and more shooting time at each location.

For those who want a mix of landmarks and “real” Paris – CASUAL:
Start in Montmartre for casual neighborhood shots –  cuddling on the steps, getting the city skyline in the background, walking down the winding roads, sipping wine at cafes, etc.  Finish at Pont Bir Hakeim and the base of the Eiffel Tower, walking hand in hand with the Tower in the background, perhaps ending with a small picnic near the tower.  Requires 2-3 hours.

For those who want a mix of landmarks and “real” Paris – FORMAL:
Start at Trocadero for a handful of shots with the Eiffel Tower, then move on to the stunning lamppost-lined Pont Alexandre III with views of the Seine.  Finish at Palais Royal, walking hand in hand down the columned walkways and arched galleries.  Requires 1-2 hours.  Add some optional images in the quiet rear courtyard of the Louvre for 2-3 hour sessions.

For those who want the “real” Paris and want to avoid anything touristy – CASUAL:
Start on the back side of Montmartre, strolling along cute doorways and bustling cafes. Spend some time wandering down the narrow streets.  Grab a bicycle, a blanket, and a baguette and head to Place Dauphine for an impromptu picnic.  Finish up along the riverbank, strolling hand in hand along the Seine.  Requires 2 hours.  If you want more green space, substitute or add in Square Jean XXIII or the Tuileries.  If you want to add something unusual or colorful, substitute or add in Rue Cremiuex.

For those who want the “real” Paris and want to avoid anything touristy – FORMAL:
Start at Pont Alexandre III, Paris’ most beautiful bridge, with a subtle view of the Eiffel Tower in the far distance.  Continue on to the Tuileries, shooting among the trees with the castle-like Louvre in the distance.  Continue on to the Louvre, avoiding the main courtyard and instead focusing on the surrounding architecture and city streets.  Finish with a walk through the columned pathways of the Palais Royal garden and perhaps a stop at the grand Le Nemours cafe.  Requires at least three hours.